Website Membership Activation

As a POOS member, you are entitled to a login account to access the POOS memberís portal on the new website. The memberís portal provides current information from the POOS committee, a calendar of swimming and social events, ticketing applications for major competitions, a forum to discuss various topics, an address book with contact details for other POOS members, photos and various links to relevant websites of interest.

In order to activate your members account you must complete the following form. Once you have provided the necessary information, your account will be activated and you will be provided with a password via email. It is strongly recommended that once you receive this password, you login and change your password to something memorable.

We ask that individual forms be completed for each POOS member.

IMPORTANT: The POOS members portal contains an address book which displays the contact details of its members. Please indicate on this form if you would like your details to be included in this address book or if you would prefer to be omitted.

Website Membership Activation Form
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The members section contains an address book which displays POOS member's contact details.Please indicate
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From time to time photos from POOS functions and swimming events may be displayed on the photo page of the
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