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POOS is an organisation for the parents, partners and friends of all Australian national representative swimmers. The corporation brings friends and family together in a supportive and collaborative way to provide ongoing support for Australian swimmers both internationally and here on home soil.

POOS was formed in late 1996, by David and Lois Lawson, after the difficulty parents had in accessing tickets and accommodation for the 1992 Barcelona Olympics.

POOS was extended from "Parents Of Olympic Swimmers" to include all supporters of the Australian Swim Team, and henceforth are known as the "Parents, Pals and Partners Of Oz Swimmers." The role of POOS extended from ticketing and accommodation to include advice and assistance in all areas of competitive swimming life, from the more experienced members to the newcomers.

Poos was incorporated in 2010 with a committee formed to help take the load off Colette and Mark Rickard who had taken over the organising role from the Lawsons in 2003.

Over the many years of its existence the following Aims of POOS have been developed:

  • To provide enjoyable social occasions in which relatives, partners and friends of swimmers can meet and make friendships to provide support for each other.

  • To ensure that supporters are able to sit together in acceptable, affordable seating.

  • To form a cheer squad to support Australian Swimmers at international events.

  • To support each other, at all events, in the good times and the bad - as there are sure to be some of each.

  • To encourage parents to join POOS early in their child's swimming career so that they have familiar faces to help them, especially for international competition.

  • To represent the interests of POOS on any items of discussion with Swimming Australia, event organisers etc and to communicate items of interest discussed to the membership.

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