Membership is available for Parents, Partners, Family and/or Friends of ALL Australian Swimmers and membership to this association is not limited to families and friends of Olympic Swimmers only.

The 2016 Annual Membership Fees for Parents, Partners, Pals of Oz Swimmers Inc. are defined in the following table.

Family Membership Application
(January to December)
Single Membership
(Incl. Single Parent / Guardian only)
$20 Per Person
Family Membership
(Incl. Parents, Partners, Guardians and Siblings of Immediate Family Only)
$40 Per Family
Associate Membership Application
(January to December)
Single Membership
(Incl. Single Person only)
$20 Per Person
Family Membership
(Incl. Multiple Persons of same family only)
$40 Per Family


1. Membership Fees are charged annually on a Calendar Year from January to December.
2. Current Members will receive Invoices Annually prior to 31st of January via email.
3. Membership Fees are due 15 days after the Invoice Date.


If you would like to join POOS, please complete the following form.


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Swimmer Details

It is a requirement of POOS Incorporated that members be immediate family (parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles,
sisters, brothers etc) or bona fide supporters of past or present registered members of Swimming Australia.
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